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Paul “Distant Librarian” Pival has posted a YouTube video and a better quality screencast on how to find the RSS feeds now available on Ebscohost. The problem with posting a screencast on YouTube is that it is hard to read the text on the screens due to the YouTube resolution. I need to blog the details of how I’ve done it to try and get the highest quality possible. The advantage of YouTube is that it makes it very easy to embed the screencast in a blog post of on most any Web page. Note that Paul has to link to the “nicer-quality version” of the screencast.

This Camtasia-produced screencast is hosted on TechSmith’s, which is a fee-based system. It does not have an embed option like YouTube, and only provides HTML code for a fairly standard link. It would be nice if Camtasia provided a way to embed a screencast as easily as YouTube does, but with the higher quality.

2 Responses to “Screencasts for RSS Feeds in Ebsco”

  1. on 30 Jul 2007 at 6:09 AM Kevin J

    Check out a new service from TechSmith called which does exactly that.

  2. on 30 Jul 2007 at 6:10 AM Kevin J

    Sorry, the correct url is

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