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Internet Librarian 2011: "Browser Battles: Next Generation of Browser Wars" [PDF]
2011: "Search Discovery Tools: A Blunt Assessment" [PDF]
2007: "Search Engine Strategies"
2006: Multiple Presentations
2003: "A Google Gambol" [PPT]
2003: "Harvesting Blogs for Emergent Information" [PPT]
2003: "Web Searching in 2004" [PPT]
2002: "Search Engine Snake Oil" [PPT]
2002: "Exploring the Wayback Machine" [PPT]
2002: "Web Wizard’s Panel" [PPT]
2001: "VoIP, WAP, and Beyond!" [PPT]
Internet Librarian International

2006: "Reinventing Ourselves as Internet Librarians" [SlideShare - PPT]
2004: "The Challenge of Teaching Web Searching" [PPT]
2002: "Search Engine Update" [PPT]
2001: "Search Engine Mortality & New Directions" [PPT]
2000: "Notess' Notable Government Sites" [HTML]
1999: "Search Engines and Portals: A Librarian’s Analysis" [PPT

Computers in Libraries 2011: "Search Engine Update"
2010: "Google Gambol"
2004: "Wild, Wild Web: Spam Wars" [PPT]
2003: "Web Search Instruction" [PPT]
2003: "Search Engine Showdown Update" [PPT]
2003: "Where Has All the Data Gone?" [PPT]
2002: "Search Engine Update" [PPT]
2001: "Search Engine Morality & Mortality" [PPT]
2000: "Web Site Design Tips and Techniques" [PPT]
1997: "Web Site Evolution: Controlling the Monster" [HTML]
India Tour 2004 "Web Searching Strategies and Advanced Techniques" [PPT]
     In Chennai, Delhi, Chandigarh, and Mumbai
"Digital Library Resources: New Potential and Old Perils" [PPT]
     Ranganathan Annual Lecture in Chennai and Bangalore
"Searching, Linking and Meta Tags" [PPT]
     In Kolkata and Delhi
"Understanding Search Engine Technology" [PPT]
     In Bangalore
"Looking Beyond Google" [PPT]
     In Mumbai at the American Information Resource Center
"Effect of Internet on Academic Society" [PPT]
     In Patiala at the Annual Congress of the Indian Association for American Studies
"The Future Directions of Resources on the Web" [PPT]
     In Delhi at the American Information Resource Center
(National Online)
2003: "Web Search Secrets: Advanced Features & Failures" [PPT]
2002: "Tips for Teaching Search Engines" [PPT]
Online Information (London)
2002: "Top Tips for Searchers" [PPT]
2001: "Web Search Engines: Changes & Current Condition" [PPT]
2001: "Search Engine Analysis On-the-Fly" [PPT]
2000: "Search Engine Update: News, Views, & Reviews [PPT]
Information Online  (Sydney, Australia) 2001: "Current State of Web Searching" [PPT]
2001: "Internet Tips & Tricks Server Side Includes (SSI) [PPT]
1999: "Comparing Internet Search Engines" [PPT] & paper 
NEASIS&T (Cambridge) 2003: "The Shifting Sands of Search" [PPT]
2000: "Warp Speed Web" [PPT]
1999: "Search Engines: Failures, Glitches, and Solutions [PPT]
1998: "Government Information Content Review" [HTML]
1996: "Internet Trends and Technologies Briefings" [HTML]
1995: Two pre-conference workshops
Special Library Association
(Annual Conference)
2000: "Choosing & Using Internet Search Engines IV"  [PPT]
1999: "Choosing & Using Internet Search Engines III" [PPT]
1997: "Choosing & Using Internet Search Engines" [HTML]
1996:  Two presentations [HTML]
Stockholm Conferences 2000: "Internet Search Engines Change, Growth, and New Opportunities" [PPT]
at Information Management 2000
1999: "Searching the Web: Search Engine Inconsistencies
and Successful Strategies" [PPT] at Sökmaskiner och cyberbyar
MPLA/MLA '99 1999: "Search Engine Showdown" [PPT]
Access '98 1998: "Web Search Engines" [PPT] in Saskatoon
SAE International Congress 1995: Handouts from two sessions:
"Beyond Email: An Internet Basics Workshop" and
"Individual Internet Access"
Montana State University Seminars Basic Internet Searching (ongoing)
Advanced Internet Searching (ongoing)